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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#1825: Why I Do NOT Fuck With #BlackLivesMatter
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#1825: Why I Do NOT Fuck With #BlackLivesMatter

There are some things in life I just do not want to mess around with and one of those things is the Black Lives Matter movement. Listen to this class as I explain why.

Show Notes:
[8:01] 1) The biggest issue for black people in America is not white supremacy.
[32:16] 2) Black Lives Matter is neither about nor for black people.
[38:43] 3) Black Lives Matter has been around for 8 plus years and they have accomplished absolutely nothing.
[42:00] 4) Black Lives Matter only loves you when you’re dead.
[49:55] 5) Black Lives Matter does not believe in black accountability.
[56:21] 6) Black Lives Matter is really about getting the attention and the money of white people.
[1:00:00] Recap

Episodes Mentioned:
1804: GUILTY: Why The Chauvin Verdict Is A Win For Blacks
1624: The Biggest Challenges Facing Black America

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