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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#1821: Why You Need To Experience A Punch In The Face
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#1821: Why You Need To Experience A Punch In The Face

There should come a point in your life where you get hit straight in the face and also dish one out, whether it be figuratively or literally. It may sound scary but this moment can teach you valuable life lessons.

Show Notes:
[03:15] 1) A punch in the face will show you or remind you that you are not unbeatable and untouchable.
[09:13] 2) When you punch somebody in the face you demonstrate to yourself that you have the power and effect to be a force.
[14:00] 3) When you take a punch in the face and you survived, now you know you can take it.
[17:05] Recap

Episodes Mentioned:
1415: Competence Of A Teacher, Humility Of A Student
1307: Having The Humility To Earn Your Confidence
445: Humility: How To Use It, And Who To Watch Out For

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