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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#1810: Why We All Want To Be Lied To
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#1810: Why We All Want To Be Lied To

We all tell lies. We lie to ourselves, to others, and we even accept these lies. I’m going to teach you today why we do this.

Show Notes:
[04:47] 1) We all want to be deceived.
[09:06] 2) Truth requires critical thinking, acceptance of grey areas and hard decisions.
[12:14] 3) Many people have pre conceived notions about other people.
[20:01] Recap

Episodes Mentioned:
1806: My Favorite Books, Vol. 8
1573: Sell What They WANT — Give What They NEED
1777: The Truth Is Never Sexy (aka Why To NOT Trust The Media)
734: Keep All Your Opinions Flexible
1669: You’re NOT In The Business Of Changing Minds
1626: How To Know You’re In A Bubble (And How To Get Out)

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