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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#1807: White People Ain’t Our Business
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#1807: White People Ain’t Our Business

If you’re a Black American, let me tell you that White people are NOT your business. They’re not your problem. In this class, I’m going to lay out exactly why they’re not your problem.

Show Notes:
[10:09] 1) The blackest thing to do to prove your blackness is to blame white people, privileges, or supremacy for whatever problem exists in your life.
[20:11] 2)Stop paying too much attention.
[29:55] 3) What you focus on, you create.
[34:39] Recap

Episodes Mentioned:
1630: How (White) Social Justice Warriors Are Sending Black Folks Backwards
1624: The Biggest Challenges Facing Black America
1533: How To Combat “White Privilege” Strategically For Black Americans
411: Black People, Media, and The “Help” That Hurts
342: A Message To All Black People
1788: Destroying “Antiracism” [Pt. 1 of 4]
1789: Destroying “Antiracism” [Pt. 2 of 4]
1790: Destroying “Antiracism” [Pt. 3 of 4]
1791: Destroying “Antiracism” [Pt. 4 of 4]
1797: My General Thoughts On Racism
1731: Is Racism On The Rise? Dre Answers…
1621: How To “Do For Self”

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