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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#1795: Why Female Athletes Do NOT Deserve “Equal Pay”
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#1795: Why Female Athletes Do NOT Deserve “Equal Pay”

Yesterday I spoke about this concept of NCAA athletes being paid, today I’m talking about why female athletes do not deserve, “equal pay”.

Show Notes:
[09:30] 1) We are in the performance and results-based business.
[18:02] 2) Never look at the food on another man’s plate.
[23:27] 3) I’m not with the identity politics of we need to just give something to a group just because…
[30:53] Recap

Episodes Mentioned:
730: Equality Is A Myth
1622: Why “EQUALITY” Is Impossible
1619: Racial Inequality: The Fight You Can’t Win
1579: Never Look At The Food On Another Man’s Plate
1142: How To Become A Champion

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