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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#1788: Destroying “Anti-Racism” [Pt. 1 of 4]
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#1788: Destroying “Anti-Racism” [Pt. 1 of 4]

Today’s topic is part one of getting into this concept of anti-racism. In this episode, I’m going to address in detail the full arguments made in Mr. Ibram Kendi’s book, How to Be an Antiracist. Do you need to be an anti-racist? Listen to this class to know exactly how I feel about it as a Black person living in America.

Show Notes:
[09:28] 1) Black people are victims of this bad thing and unless someone supports it by following his specific formula then you are doing things wrong.
[14:18] 2) You can only change a group or community by changing policy, not by individuals changing their behaviors within that group. I disagree.
[31:47] 3) This concept sells because many black people would rather want to be a victim than to be empowered.
[37:53] 4) Failing to see race means you’re failing to see racism.
[44:14] Recap

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