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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#1786: Why “Fighting Fair” Is For Losers And Idiots
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#1786: Why “Fighting Fair” Is For Losers And Idiots

You don’t want a fair fight in life ’cause fighting fair is for losers. In today’s class, I’m going to explain why you would want an unfair advantage at all times as well as how you can actually start getting yourself an unfair advantage.

Show Notes:
[09:48] 1) Use what you’ve got to get what you want.
[16:32] 2) Do not tone down the things that make you stand out.
[21:08] 3) A lot of people are preaching equality and equity these days.
[28:04] Recap

Episodes Mentioned:
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1314: Hustle: Learning To Play The “Game”
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202: It’s Important To Be Important

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