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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#1776: The 21 MUST-Have Career “Soft Skills” [Pt. 5 of 5]
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#1776: The 21 MUST-Have Career “Soft Skills” [Pt. 5 of 5]

Today’s class is part 5 of 5, the final episode of the 21 must-have soft skills that you’ll need in your career moving forward!

Show Notes:
[02:25] 1) Organizational talent.
[08:49] 2) Presentation skills.
[15:36] 3) Problem solving skills.
[20:36] 4) Stress resistance.
[28:28] 5) Dealing with new media.
[35:38] Recap

Episodes Mentioned:
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1637: Podcasts I Listen To [Pt. 1/2]
1638: Podcasts I Listen To [Pt. 2/2]
1353: Prioritizing Success Over Ego
905: How To Prioritize Your Life
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1648: The Power Of Strategy
1597: How To Be Strategically Nice & Friendly
1572: How To Manage Your Frustrations And Direct Your Energy Strategically
1526: How To Strategize Properly
1525: Long-Term Strategy: What Feels Good Vs What Works
1406: How To Care Without Caring
1285: How To Strategize Your Success
1013: Three Creation Strategies — And The Pros And Cons Of Each
854: Luck Strategy: Be Outside Often
803: Helplessness Is Not A Strategy
321: Energy & Focus Strategies
1663: Your Favorite Flavor Of “Shit Sandwich”

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