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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#1775: The 21 MUST-Have Career “Soft Skills” [Pt. 4 of 5]
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#1775: The 21 MUST-Have Career “Soft Skills” [Pt. 4 of 5]

Keep yourself ahead of the pack ’cause today’s class is part four of five of the must-have soft skills that you need to implement in your life!

Show Notes:
[02:29] 1) Knowledge of human nature.
[14:26] 2) Being a team player.
[23:35] 3) Interaction ability.
[34:39] 4) Analytical skills.
[41:33] Recap

Episodes Mentioned:
1639: Why Negative People Are How They Are
1590: How To Know People And Be Known
1529: How To Talk To People With Whom You Disagree
1522: Do Not Overestimate People (Or Situations)
1520: Do Not Underestimate People (Or Situations)
1755: The Scary Truth About “Cancel Culture”
1474: Stop Watching “The News”!
1173: EVERYONE Is A Role Player
891: How To Assume A Leadership Role Anywhere You Go
834: Knowing And Accepting Your Role In Sports, Business and Life
1702: Want Team Success? Have Everyone In The Right Role
1591: Why You Need A Team Around You
1388: Why You Must Fill Your Team With “A” Players
557: Inspiring Your Team With Your Energy As A Leader
439: How To Find Out What Your Team Is Made Of
374: How to Lead Your Team – VERBALLY
1314: Hustle: Learning To Play The “Game”
1210: Don’t Complain — Play The Game!
1399: Working On Your Non-Verbal Communication Game
1264: 3 Communication Skills You Must Master ASAP
1257: Invest In Your Communication Skills
766: The 7 Biggest Business Communication Mistakes People Make
1494: How To Ask Better Questions
1741: Why Asking The Right Question Is More Important Than The Answer
1059: The Loser’s Question: “What Should I Do?“
1030: Why You Need To Be Challenged, Questioned And Pushed
791: Questioning Yourself? Here’s What You Do
640: Stop Asking Little Bitch-Ass Questions
610: If You’re Still Asking Questions, You Ain’t Ready
523: Your Game Is Not In Question – But Your Will Is In Question

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