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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#1774: The 21 MUST-Have “Soft Skills” [Pt. 3 of 5]
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#1774: The 21 MUST-Have “Soft Skills” [Pt. 3 of 5]

Looking to learn some new skills you can apply daily? Then come join my class today wherein I’ll teach you some soft skills you can learn that will change your life!

Show Notes:
[04:38] 1) Empathy
[11:18] 2) Integrability
[18:43] 3) The ability to communicate well.
[23:31] 4) The ability to receive criticism.
[34:25] Recap

Episodes Mentioned:
1702: Want Team Success? Have Everyone In The Right Role
1591: Why You Need A Team Around You
1413: How Sports Teams Evaluate Players
1388: Why You Must Fill Your Team With “A” Players
1187: 3 Necessary Roles To Fill On A Successful Team
1155: Get The Weak Links Off Your Team
1008: Traits Of The WORST Possible Teammates You Can Have
557: Inspiring Your Team With Your Energy As A Leader
551: What To Do When Your Teammates Aren’t Very Good
386: How To Be A Valuable Member of a Team
374: How to Lead Your Team – VERBALLY
356: How To Set The Example For Your Team
1738: Brevity: The Skill Of Making Your Point Without Talking TOO MUCH
1399: Working On Your Non-Verbal Communication Game
1264: 3 Communication Skills You Must Master ASAP
1257: Invest In Your Communication Skills
766: The 7 Biggest Business Communication Mistakes People Make
568: The Communication Skills You Must Learn For Life
18: Dealing With Criticism
1316 Correction: Is Not Criticism!
1240: Stop Trying To Avoid Criticism
720: How To Handle Criticism
957: How To Earn Your Right To Criticize
1031: The Value Of Not-Friends In Your Life

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