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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#1772: The 21 MUST-Have “Soft Skills” [Pt. 1 of 5]
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#1772: The 21 MUST-Have “Soft Skills” [Pt. 1 of 5]

In our competitive driven society, you need certain skills that can help you move forward no matter what you choose to do as a career. Today’s class is Part 1 of the top 21 in-demand soft skills you’ll need to be successful in your work and life.

Show Notes:
[06:53] 1) Resilience.
[13:33] 2) Responsibility.
[21:43] 3) Commitment.
[26:52] 4) Motivation.
[33:21] Recap

Episodes Mentioned:
1691: 3 Keys To Eliminate Stress & Anxiety
1450: How To Remain Positive & Calm When Everyone Is Anxious & Stressed
1348: Creating & Using Eustress in Your Life
718: Stress – A Sign Of Weakness
351: Stress Testing
1409: This Is NOT A Podcast: A Discussion Of Semantics
1259: Self-Determinism: Your Measure Of Personal Power
1071: The Privilege Of Responsibility
603: You Must Be Responsible For YOU
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1658: The Benefits — And Responsibilities — Of Ownership
1593: Your Responsibilities As CEO
1422: How To Commit Like A Pig
318: 90/10: You Commit FIRST, THEN They Follow
903: How To Be Your Own Motivation
876: Motivation Is ONLY For The Motivated
655: What To Do When You’re Not Motivated
619: Professionals Don’t Need Motivation
582: Being Motivated Does Not Require Fun, Joy or Happiness
481: How To Motivate Yourself And Stay NOT Satisfied
475: Motivational Bullshit, Exposed Vol. 1
443: How Does Dre Stay So Happy, Excited & Motivated?
399: Motivate Yourself: Using The Superhero Effect
78: How To Use Your Pain As Motivation

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