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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#1755: The Scary Truth About “Cancel Culture”
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#1755: The Scary Truth About “Cancel Culture”

In this class, we’re going to address the scary truth about cancel culture.

Show Notes:
[12:55 1) The most dangerous weapon in the world is our feelings.
[17:27] 2) Companies and governments who do these ‘canceling’, are not acting in the interest of people.
[22:32 3) Cancelling removes context.
[27:27] 4) The fear of being the next victim.
[29:30] 5) The monster that you feed will eventually eat you.
[33:42] Recap

Episodes Mentioned:
1474: Stop Watching “The News”!
1717: The 3 Most Dangerous Truths About People
1610: How To Think For Yourself
1192: Thinking Is A Skill
1626: How To Know You’re In A Bubble

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