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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#1747: The Business & Life Secrets I’ve Unlocked Since College
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#1747: The Business & Life Secrets I’ve Unlocked Since College

There are some things in life that you’ll never know or understand until you experience them yourself. In this class, we’re going to walk down the memory lane and talk about the things that I’ve learned since graduating college that fits in the ‘I wish I knew’ category.

Show Notes:
[03:19] 1) Most of the friends you have in college will not be around in the long run.
[05:44] 2) Don’t feel bad when you lose touch with many people. Growth is optional.
[11:16] 3) Your college grades do not really matter unless you are going to grad school and maybe your first job after school
[17:51] 4) Your teachers and professors are usually not geniuses.
[23:22] Recap

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