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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#1640: Why You Should Be HAPPY That Privilege Exists
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#1640: Why You Should Be HAPPY That Privilege Exists

Privilege helps everybody. Whatever your color, size, and gender is, or where you came from, no matter your socio-economic status, privilege helps everyone. If you want to know why, make sure you listen to this episode as I explain to why you should be happy that privilege exists.

Show Notes:
07:01 #1 We’re not all equal
09:23 #2 Privilege filters out the unqualified
21:10 #3 Privilege saves us all a lot of time money attention energy and focus
24:17 #4 There is an area of life that you have privilege
28:29 Recap

EP Mentioned:
#1533: How to combat white privilege’s specifically if you are black
#1071: Privilege and responsibility
#101: Positive thinking is a job it is not a privilege
#1305: Equality is a myth

#1628: What About “Equal Opportunity”?

#1622: Equality is impossible

#1619: Racial inequality is a fight you cant win

#937: How to make yourself a n in demand person

#202: It is important to be important

#1579: Never look at the food of other man’s plate

#1512: How to develop your talent stat

#1442: Does talent matter for success: YES!

#1252: Stop ignoring your talents

#884: Stop lying to yourself because you have no talent

#728: You’ve been lied to hard work does not beat talent

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