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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#1629: Qualities Of The Most Successful Podcasts
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#1629: Qualities Of The Most Successful Podcasts

If you plan on being a podcaster, or you are already a podcast, he was just trying to figure out what do I need to be doing? Today's topic, we're focusing on the qualities of the most successful podcasts.

Show Notes:
04:57 #1 Consistency
06:44 #2 Host Personality
10:47 #3 The quality of topics or questions being asked
14:06:22 #4 Uniqueness of the subject matter
16:38:54 #5 The Energy of the host
19:38 Recap

EP Mentioned:
#950 What makes for a quality podcast
#725 How to start and maintain a podcast
#365 What i learned in a year of podcasting
#1581 How to maintain podcast listenership
#1582 How to prepare for a podcast appearance
#997 Why you should start a podcast
#878 Key for personal branding: personality

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