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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#128: “Because I Want To”
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#128: “Because I Want To”

A lot of people, alive and well people, don’t have lives.

I mean, they’re there, breathing, but they’re not doing anything significant.

How do I know? Not because I’m a judgemental guy. I know because a lot of people put a lot of energy into thinking and talking about what other people do and why they do it.

People with lives don’t do this unless it’s their profession (radio people, talk show hosts etc).

How do you handle these people?

Simple: Because I want to.

That’s why you did that thing. That’s why you won’t be there this weekend. That’s why you dumped her after 3 years. It’s an open and shut, no further questions statement. And trust me: it feels damn good to say.

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