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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#120: Saying YES Until You Must Say NO
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#120: Saying YES Until You Must Say NO

You have a skill or idea of business that you just KNOW people need. Yet, you feel quite anonymous in the grand scheme of things. You want to get known. You NEED to have your name ringing out in the marketplace. How do you decide what to do? Where is your time best spent?

Here’s the bottom line: when you’re unknown, your default answer is always YES. Yes to help this guy out. Yes to sharing ideas with that woman. Yes to being on your new podcast. Yes to speaking at their local event.

Your answer is YES until you must start saying NO. When does that happen? Well, it happens when you have delivered value to so many people, so often and so well, that you can’t handle all the opportunity beating down your door.

Are you in that position yet? Then get comfortable with YES.

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