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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#1105: What Makes The Job, A JOB
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#1105: What Makes The Job, A JOB

There are a lot of professions out there, waiting for people like you to come do the work and get the rewards that come with them. But there is work involved. Today’s show is my explanation of why a job is called a job, and what you need to know is coming with signing up for one of those jobs, regardless of the industry.

[Transcript] #1105: What Makes The Job, A JOB

You are now tuned in to the show where you learn the discipline to show up day after day to do the work. The confidence to put yourself out there boldly in authentically in a mental toughness to continue showing up doing the work putting yourself out there even when successive expected to achieve is yet to be achieved. And on top of all this you to use those personal initiative. This is a go getter energy that moves one to make things happen instead of waiting for things to happen. We put all this together in one package and what comes out is the mindset the method the park is known as work on your game. My name is Dre Baldwin also known as Dre All Day walked to the show as usual. Today’s topic is what makes the job a job.

One of the things that make even if it’s a job that you love is a job that you hate is a job that makes you the envy of other people because you have a position that they would love to have if they had the talent. If they had the hustle if they had the consistency if they had had the opportunities if they had taken advantage of the way that you had they will love to be in a position that you are.

But there may be some things about that job that those people on the outside looking in they don’t quite understand. That’s what we’re going to talk about in today’s episode. These are things that those of you you professionals out there who are listening you see if I got this check was correct. And those of you who plan on becoming professionals at certain things are those who are already professionals at one thing but you’re considering maybe pivoting to doing something different you want to be a professional something other than what you’re doing right now. Maybe you think it can be a seamless transition because you already had the skills you already had the talent. You already know the people you already got in in a quote in close quote to get you into that new profession or new position a new thing that you want to do. I want you to understand that the things that made the job a job and what you’re doing now there are those same elements will follow you.

And they might even follow you. I shouldn’t be waiting for you wherever you go to NASA. We’re going this will not discuss here in today’s episode. I thought of this because I have recently posted this video on YouTube where I was doing a series called The Simple daily journaling drills and some of you who know me from back in the YouTube basketball video days know that put this series out probably. I actually introduced the series that first time back in 2008 and then I did a full version of its basically a series of journaling drills and any basketball player can do. So yeah I understand that every basic dribble you need to play basketball are endless dribbling series and introducing a 60 second video in 2008. Then in 2000 maybe 2011 2012 I decided hey let me just do the whole series where you do 100 bounces of each one of these Dribbles it takes about 15 to 20 minutes depending on how proficient you are. Germany. I just did the whole video the whole 15 to 20 minute series on video on youtube. No edits no nothing just showing people how is done that video said his day has might be my most viewed video has over a million views but I decided a couple weeks ago from when I’m recording this to actually go to the court and record myself doing it in 2019. And I haven’t done the series in years so I just wanted to see if I still had it not to say some skills like riding a bicycle.

Once you learn that you never forget it I was pretty good at it took me about 20 minutes to do it I messed up a couple of times I lost the ball a couple of times but I was over I was all right which I was better than I thought I might be Ben and I had been away from doing this series for such a long time. But anyway when I posted this video on YouTube someone left a comment. Well once people comment it was someone left a particular comment that says Dre I know you don’t really play anymore you haven’t worked out in a while and I had said that in a video or his basketball worked out in a while. To be specific but I know you’ll be getting the urge to go whoop there’s what the commentators say. You begin ers urge go play in a pickup game or play in a recreational week or something like that. And you know what he was absolutely right. I do sometimes get the urge I’ll go in work or not even I wouldn’t even call it working out what I do on a basketball court. I just go to the court and just shoot around a little bit shoot a few shots you might have seen him on my Instagram profile I’m shooting jump shots and not even jumping I’m not really breaking a sweat when I’m doing these things just to get on the.

I love basketball but I’m not trying to go in play in any league or try to score 50 points on anybody like that. But he’s right about the urge to go and play when I’m on that court and shooting around on my man. It’d be fun if it was 10 players out here and I could just play and pick about cross this guy over a dunk on his guy but this guy shot nobody could stop me already shots and I’m making by myself I’d be making on people I’ll be thinking that sometimes when I’m on a court but then I remember why I actually stopped playing basketball and any of you who read my book work on your game you know why stop playing or maybe you heard me speak somewhere I’ve talked about this multiple times in different ways but the thing is if that’s all it took if all it took to hoop or to play basketball was to show up for the games the pickup games the recreational league games the professional league games listen I was they’ll be playing in there you might not have a Work On Your Game Podcast you might not have you price that had a YouTube videos you might not have the book work when you’re getting money have any books. A lot of the stuff that many of you know me for that you met me through wouldn’t exist if all it was for me to do is playing games and if all it took for you if any of you who are athletes would suggest playing the games listen you might not have made it because there are people more talented than you who would have asked it longer to you who would have just took your spot wouldn’t have had the race they wouldn’t just show their talent and they would have more opportunity you and the same thing applies to me.

But the thing is to really get that spot to really hold down that spot and to become a professional what you do it has a whole lot more than discipline in the games is the training is the conditioning and is everything else that happens before and after the game. Those are the things that make your professional. Those are the things that lead professionals you can think of any pro athlete who you’ve known of. Who decided to walk away from the game unless it was a physical injury or they just weren’t that good. Other than that other than those two reasons they walked away from the game. It was everything before the game and after the game rather than walking away nobody gets tired of playing a sport in front of thousands of people who are cheering for them and you get paid to do it. Nobody gets tired of it.

In case you didn’t know today we’re going to talk about all the stuff that makes the job a job and it’s not the games I’m playing in the game doesn’t make the job a job is everything else outside of that. And those of you who are not athletes understand and everything I’m gonna say here today. I’m going to explain this literally but also metaphorically applies to you as well. It is not just about sports I’m just using sports as the background for today’s topic. But there are things that make the job a job that the person on the outside will never know about will never had to experience. And frankly they don’t need to know about it. But this podcast is happens to be about a whole lot of those things. I to talk about it today and if you come across anyone who needs to know about it you could just send them to this episode you won’t even have to devote your head to invest your time into explaining it soon because the stuff the stuff that we’re going to talk about here today if it didn’t exist the stuff that makes the job a job.

This stuff didn’t exist then everybody would be playing basketball for a minute. Everybody would be I don’t know a salesperson. Everybody would be a musician with a top selling album. Everybody would be a fill in the blank. Think of any job that seems glamorous and fun and exciting and enticing from the outside. But any time as soon as you get on the inside you realize it is not as fun and easy all the time as it looks when you’re on the outside looking in. Any of you ever experience that that the job just look great and fun like that. That’s what I want to do from the outside as soon as you got in it you realize that this is actually there’s actually were actual work that has to be done here. I think somebody here knows what I’m talking about was get into our point so everybody will know what I’m talking about point number one today’s topic again is what makes the job a job number one. What makes the job a job is the practice that makes the game look easy.

See when I was playing basketball and I would do the dribbling drills or I did that the dribbling Dre video that told you about it has a million views on YouTube. It is very day by the time that I put that video on YouTube. I’d done that series thousands of times I might have 10000 hours of journaling and basketball. So when people saw me doing it they looked at look smooth and it was easy. And people say man looks like you hit the ball on a string. You had the ball. Ball was like it’s attached to your hand. Some people say in basketball when you’re good at Dre the ball but they don’t understand. That was my first time doing it. That was my 12 thousandth time doing that dribbling series and is because I put in the work off camera without anybody watching without no one if I would ever get any type of fanfare or attention or recognition for doing it. It was that work that allowed me to make it look easy by the time I got to YouTube. The practice that makes the games look easy. That’s what makes your professional.

That’s what makes the job a job. The stuff that nobody none of the fans will ever see will ever know about and frankly they don’t need to know about it for athletes is a direct translation. I just told you the hours of training you do the team practices you got to be a part of icing your body down after practice and after getting all the recovery sessions the time you had to spend off your feet in between games and in between practices. You can’t just run around doing anything you want when you’re down at your quote unquote downtime because you gotta recover for the next up time. You had to be available. If you’re a writer for example editing and rewriting your papers or your book so your articles the research that you had to do to have the right information to present to your audience all of that takes way more time than it takes to actually present the book to people. But people don’t know about that and that’s the stuff that makes the job a job for musicians recording and rerecording your music.
The studio sessions that you book and you go to and you sing and you rap and you write and you produce and you talk to other people in the studio and you come out with no useful music from that entire studio session but you still got to pay for the studio time.

These are the things that the fans never see. But if you didn’t do them you wouldn’t even have fans.

I would say that once again these are all the things the editing that a writer has to do the training that an athlete has to do the studio says is that a musician goes to and don’t even come out with any songs. These are the things that you. These are the things that the fans never see never experience and may never know about. In these days of course a lot of us put out material that is our beats he. Behind the scenes stuff that we can talk about this stuff in our captions. We can share it on video. We can tell you. I’m telling you right now I’m pulling the curtain back so you can understand these things the fans never see these things and even when you talk about it they can’t truly appreciate it. You know because they haven’t experienced it but if you didn’t do it professional you would never have fans because you wouldn’t be good enough for fans who look at you and say Damn that person is a really good singer. Damn this is a really good book. You’re a great writer. Damn you’re a great basketball player. It’s like you practice all the time. How’d you get so good. You would never have a fan if you didn’t have that time without the fans watching. If you didn’t put in that time when nobody was paying attention. So this is the number one thing that makes the job a job.

Point number two. Today’s topic is what makes the job a job.

And I’m talking really specifically about at the professional level level where you can charge money for your services charge money for what you do and people will willingly pay for it because you’re so damn good at it.

These are the things that make it a job the things that the people on the outside looking and never see point them to is the fact that you are disciplined enough and willing to do this. Not sexy stuff consistently because as soon as you were to stop doing it for no Hamas resume Mayor talent you have your eventually be out of the game.

I must say that once again I was alone. It was a long sentence and maybe in writing. Any writers out there might said I was a run on sentence. Let me say it again.

What makes the job a job is the fact that you are disciplined enough and you are willing to do the unsexy stuff the stuff that the fans don’t see and don’t need to know about because nothing that interesting about it because it didn’t produce a great result. You’re going to do this stuff consistently. That’s what makes it a job ajar with the understanding by you that as soon as you were to stop doing as unsexy stuff you were to stop working on your game. But you only showed up to the games if you were to stop meeting with your Voice coach but you would show up and actually do concerts and sing if you were to stop going through the editing process and rewriting your dress but you would just put out a book without actually editing it and making sure the research was right in fact checking yourself and making sure the grammar was correct and everything was formatted properly. You understand that if you were to stop doing that stuff eventually you would be out of the game right now depending on how much resumé you have how much cachet you have built up with your audience they might let it slide that you had a game where it looked like you were you weren’t ready for that you had a season where you didn’t get in shape the previous offseason that you put out a book there just wasn’t quite up to the level of your previous three books you might be able to put out another book after that and your fans will still buy it because it gives you benefits that you might be able to have a terrible season because you didn’t work out the previous offseason because you got fat and lazy and your fans will still be your fans you’ll still get another contract because the team that signed you thinks you can get back to the level that you were at before when you became a star you might be able to do a couple of concerts and sing really bad and really off key and your voice sounds terrible because you have been meeting with your coach but your fans will still buy tickets to your next concert after a terrible concert simply because you’ve been so great up to that point you did 100 great shows needed two or three terrible shows people going to say Art The Next Show probably is gonna be good again they’re usually good so you might be able to get away with this if you have a long enough track record or if you have enough talent that you can still be better than almost everybody else even though you have been working on your game even though you haven’t really been putting enough evidence you’re writing even though you have been meeting with your Voice coach you still sound better than other singers who meet with their coach three times a day because you just have more talent than them but eventually all of those under this category you end about it a game.

If you stop doing work some are last longer than others but you will eventually be out of the game if you stop doing the unsexy stuff that requires discipline and your willingness to stick to a consistently. I understand it. This is the big thing that separates those who do it for fun from those who do it for pay.

The discipline the unsexy work and the consistency of all of it.

This is the one of the big things is not the only thing. Just to be clear but this is one of the big things that separates those who get paid for.

For those who do it for fun or those who have to watch it. There are other elements involved in it. F Why. Just to be clear. And if you wanna know what they are. Just go to the archive it is podcast Dre All Day com podcast. We discussed many many times or just join a game group DRE DRE dot com sized membership. I tell you myself. Point number three.

Today’s topic is what makes the job a job.

The quote useless effort closed quote end quote wasted time. Close quote that the professional understands as part of the process but the amateur reads as a sign that they should give up or maybe they’re just lacking talent or information.

He said I want to guess another some long sentences I’m given as my point descriptions here today the topic again is what makes the job a job is the third thing that makes the job a job is the efforts that seem to be useless. I’m using air quotes as I’m saying it.

Some people put in a whole lot of effort don’t get the result they want. And they say man I did all that work for nothing. All is useless effort I’m do I’m working all hard and I’m not getting anything out of it. Have you ever said that I heard anybody say that or you ever put a whole bunch of time and it’s up to say Damn I just wasted all that time because they’ve gotten nothing from it or you put a bunch of time in. Didn’t get much of a result in someone some observer who was watching you do the work said Man you wasted all your time with that. You ever heard that before maybe thought it maybe said it yourself understanding that useless effort that wasted time the professional understands that those efforts and that time investment is part of the process of being a professional. That’s part of the process of creating something great. That’s part of a process of working on your game. That’s part of the process of getting better. That’s part of the process of leveling up. A professional understands that and doesn’t need to talk about it and they may not even take the time to explain it’s an amateur who obviously doesn’t know the difference.

Again you can just pass in this podcast. Let me explain it to.

But the amateur looks at these same things that effort that didn’t produce quite the result they wanted or the time they put in it didn’t give them the aura was immediately like they were expecting the amateur looks at this as a reason that maybe I should just give up or maybe I don’t have the right information or maybe I just don’t have the talent or maybe I’m just maybe I am just wasting my time. Maybe I am dumb maybe I shouldn’t listen to my family and friends and the haters in the comments section where it’s on me I need to give it up. They listened to it an amateur listens to that the professional understands this is all part of the process.

And that’s what makes the job a job.

Thomas Edison famously tried 10000 different solutions to create the incandescent light bulb. Ten thousand different things he try to make this right bought were in it then where at least according to the legend I mean I wasn’t around when Thomas was in the what they call the lab trying to make this bulb happen but they say ten thousand times what Thomas Edison understood that each time that he tried and failed quote unquote to create the light bulb he was coming up with something new he was getting smarter. He was learning what didn’t work. He was learning hey you know what. This might not work for this experiment number eight thousand and fifteen might not work to create the light bulb but you know I could use this for something over here I could use this for this project over here I mean right now what happened here and what I did. So maybe if I ever have a problem that this could be solved by you know what I can use that quote unquote failed experiment. But he understood that each time that he came up short in creating the light bulb he was getting closer and closer to doing it. And it was all part of a process because he was a professional he understood that not everything he does is supposed work not every attempt was going to produce this Flying Colors success. And anybody who was watching him from the outside looking in what is said when are you going to give up ten thousand times you tried to do this and they say the legend goes that he tried something for the ten thousand ten thousandth time and his lab assistant said Man how many times are you going to keep trying is when are you going to give up you fail ten thousand times to create the light bulb.

Thomas Edison looked at his assistant who said no I didn’t fail. I just found another way that didn’t work. I just found 10000 ways that don’t work. I succeeded in it. And now we won’t try again until I find a way to does work. Michael Jordan had a commercial during his playing days where he said 26 times I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and I did not make the game winning shot but he understood that didn’t me he need to quit and then me he didn’t deserve to take the game when he shot. It didn’t mean his career was doomed for failure it meant this is all part of the process of being a player sometimes you shoot and it doesn’t go away no matter how good you are no matter how much you practice. This is all part of the process. He understood that as a professional doctor Dre the other Dre he is known for being a perfectionist in studio whether that’s working with other artists when he’s the producer or when he’s putting together his own albums is a reason why Dr. Dre in 20 plus years in the music industry. There 30 years in the music industry has only put out two albums because people have said no I didn’t hear Dre say to himself he doesn’t do much press but I’ve heard people who have worked with him such as 50 Cent Eminem Snoop Doggy Dogg say the guys is such a perfectionist that if he starts working on a project for himself like a Dr.

Dre album and he’s not excited about it or he doesn’t feel the magic in that project he’ll just shelve that project and never let that music see the light of day. Nobody will ever hear it because he wants it to be that great and he’s okay we’re going a whole year or five years or as it is now damn near 20 years without putting out an album even though his fans would greatly eat up anything that he puts out that door has three albums by the way I forgot about the last one you put out. But the point that I’m making here is the professional understands that there may be times that you put in a whole lot of effort and don’t quite get a result anything tens of what you can show to anybody. There’ll be times where you won’t invest your time effort attendance attention energy focus your money into something and not quite get a tangible result that the average person the amateur will look at and say I did this and I got this that made sense. You may not get anything to show for it an amateur look at that and say well you just wasted your time wasted your money wasted your energy wasted your effort but you as a professional you understand this is all part of the process and if you don’t understand it then you’re not quite a professional yet but you can get there and in time you’re ready.

This is all part of making the job a job. And let’s recap.

Our episode here today what makes it what it is especially this is specifically for anyone who is at or plans to be at the professional level in anything that you’re doing in life that there are things that make that job a job that most people don’t see. Don’t know about and can’t talk about because I haven’t experienced them but I’m telling you here today so if and when you get to that level you’re ready to step into that level you understand what you’re stepping into is not just all the fanfare is not decided. The fun and games is not just the money or the attention or the followers or the ego boost or whatever it is you think you’re going to get out of it. That will serve your vanity as all these other things that nobody gonna know about and frankly nobody will care about that you are signing up for when you decide to step into the realm of professionalism. Point number one the practice that makes the games look easy. The hours of training the team practices if you’re a writer is the editing and rewrites for musicians. The recording and rerecording those are the things that you have to do that the fans never see but if you didn’t do it you would never have fans in first place. Point number two or customers or clients or whatever it is that is the payoff for the work that you do you understand what I’m saying. Point number two the fact that you are disciplined enough you must be disciplined enough and willing to do the not sexy work consistently because as soon as you stop doing it you will eventually be out of the game.

And this is the one big thing that separates those who do it for fun from those who do it for a living. Point number three the useless effort or the waste that time. Both of those are with air quotes that the professional understands is part of the process but the amateur will look at it as a sign that they should give up or they are lacking information or they are lacking talent. Thomas Edison 10000 times I have a ball. Michael Jordan 26 times missed the game when he shot Dr. Dre shelving albums year after year after year because he didn’t feel the man. He didn’t feel like it was up to the level that he wanted a Dr. Dre album to be. This is all everything I’ve talked about here today people is part of a process that makes the job a job if you’re really really really ready to step into the job make sure you are armed with the tools the attributes the discipline that I just laid out here in today’s episode and you want to get more artists stepping into that realm professional for anything you do whether that is in the business world the sports world or just a mental game in the life world. Make sure you take a look at what we’re offering in the game group that is at Dre All Day com slash membership.

Work on your game Dre All Day

2:12 Today’s Topic: What Makes The Job, A JOB

8:52 Point I: The practice that makes the games look easy.

11:57 Point II: You must be disciplined enough and willing to do the not so sexy work consistently.

16:53 Point III: The efforts that seemed to be “useless”, some people put in a whole lot of effort but doesn’t get the result that they want.

21:55 The “useless” effort or wasted time is part of the process.

22:34 Recap

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