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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#1097: Why You Must Hunt For Mistakes To Make
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#1097: Why You Must Hunt For Mistakes To Make

Being an expert is about more than knowing all the right answers — it’s about knowing all the wrong answers, too. And since humans are imperfect, mistakes are inevitable. Today’s show is about looking for ways to make the mistakes that lead to positive long-term growth.I get asked this one a lot, whether it be “purpose” or “passion” or “focus.” Today I answer the question as it relates to purpose — your reason for being, the mission you’re here to complete.

2:09 Today’s Topic: Why You Need To Hunt For Mistakes To Make In Life

3:23 Point I: Mistakes are inevitable.

5:35 The more you are out there living, the more mistakes you’ll accumulate.

6:31 Point II: Expand your personal operations.

7:04 Things are not always gonna work out the way you planned.

10:27 Every mistake is a learning opportunity if you are wise enough and disciplined enough to evaluate why that mistake happened.

11:58 Point III: When you make mistakes and learn, your brain expands to take in that new knowledge.

16:13 You will have to exert yourself.

17:24 Recap

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