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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#1089: Stop Trying To Be An “Alpha Male”
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#1089: Stop Trying To Be An “Alpha Male”

Some males have asked me about this “alpha male” thing. They want to be the leader, the toughest, the most popular, the one whose word rings the loudest and gets listened to the most.

Today I’m going to tell you why being an alpha male is not the goal you should be aiming for. I’ll explain why and give you some better ideas.

1:15 Today’s Topic: Stop Trying To Be An “Alpha Male”

3:58 Point I: Definition of an ALPHA.

5:45 People follow the one who has their shit together.

9:58 Point II: Trying to be the dominant person in any room will not cure you of your personal insecurities.

14:04 Point III: Become the alpha version of yourself.

16:20 How can you be better today than you were yesterday?

18:42 Recap

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