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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#1065: Introducing The Game Group Membership
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#1065: Introducing The Game Group Membership

“More information” is the last thing you need these days. What we all need are the strategies and processes that allow us to make sense and make use of the information we have. That’s why I created the Game Group — and in today’s episode I explain exactly what it is, how it works, what it will become, and how you can get involved.

3:03 Today’s Topic: Introduction to the Game Group

6:27 Point I: The 4 Distinct Areas: Business, Personal Development, Basketball Skill, & Professional Basketball Area

10:35 Point II: The HOW to go with the WHAT

12:15 Point III: What we focus on the Game Group

14:17 Point IV: Other materials you’ll get

15:19 Point V: Content Library

17:14 Point VI: Membership – a living breathing organism

18:10 Point VII: How much will it cost you

20:32 Recap

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