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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#1055: Seeing People As They Truly Are
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#1055: Seeing People As They Truly Are

Our constant human narcissism causes us to too often look at others and see what we want to see, effectively ignoring what’s actually there. Today I’ll help clear your vision and help you to better see what’s plainly in front of you dealing with other people.

2:56 Today’s Topic: Seeing People As They Truly Are

4:55 Point I: What we speak out loud, the things that we say most of the time and how we show ourselves to the world, is fully under our control.

9:52 Point II: Work to shut off your internal dialogue.

14:20 Point III: Trust your instincts but not your prejudice.

20:02 Don’t be so quick to assume that you know a person before you actually observed anything.

25:16 Recap

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