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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#1050: How To Be The Supplier OF Energy
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#1050: How To Be The Supplier OF Energy

Energy is 85% of the job, probably more than that, actually. He with the most energy — not the most resources, or the best skills — usually wins. The team who best focuses their energy is the team that wins the day. And the person in the room with the most energy usually is the one who gets everyone else following her lead. Today you’ll learn how to be that person.

3:03 Today’s Topic: How To Be The Supplier Of Energy Amongst People

5:53 Point I: You gotta take care of your own energy first.

8:19 Point II: Learn to read the moment.

11:30 Point III: Maintain that ultimate vision in your mind and make sure through your spirit that you embody it every single time.

15:24 Recap

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