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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#1046: How To Represent What [You Say] You’re About
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#1046: How To Represent What [You Say] You’re About

There are lots of jobs, hobbies and vocations out there. You can be damn near anything you want to be, given that invest enough time, energy and other resources into it.

And that in itself is the challenge.

On today’s show I talk about representing what you’re about in such a way that anyone who comes across you knows that’s what it is — without you having to spell it out.

3:05 Today’s Topic: Make Sure That You Represent What You Say You Are About

4:28 People will come to distrust your words when you are not representing it.

5:06 Point I: Be about it first then talk about it second.

8:15 Point II: Bring something to the game that you’re in that is not already there.

14:38 Point III: Improve on the silence.

16:19 Recap

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