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Work On Your Game Content/Too Much On Your Plate? 🍽️ GOOD. 😊
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Too Much On Your Plate? 🍽️ GOOD. 😊

In a perfect world, I would FIRST get all these courses that I’m currently working on completed and launched…

Then, record a bunch of episodes of my podcast/master class...

Then, create a few more courses that are currently in the pipeline…

Then, put aside time to do a bunch of media appearances, all in bulk…

Then, write a bunch of articles and have them all ready to publish…

Then, set aside time to work with people in my coaching programs, working on their stuff to completion…

Then, source more business leads for collaborations, speaking gigs, and my own programs…

After all of that, I’d have time to do my workouts, enter a couple of 10K races, and take care of my body…

And have family time.

Instead, I’m doing all of this stuff at the SAME TIME.

That’s how it is. And that’s how it’s supposed to be.

And that’s the way it will be, when you’re aiming for success.

Creating success is not a linear, let-me-do-one-thing-at-a-time process.

We would all like it to be, because then we feel steady, calm, completely under control, and never overwhelmed.

How you’d like things to be and what it’d take to create the success you want are not the same thing.

Success is not linear. It’s not steady. It’s not calm. You will not always feel under control.

Success is loading as much ammunition as possible into the cannon until it explodes. At which point, you enjoy more success in a month then you’re used to having in a year.

This doesn’t happen when you are doing things slowly and steadily, at a pace that is comfortable for you.

Most of us, when confronted with “too many things at the same time,” naturally respond by pulling on the reins.

You slow down and try to steady the ship. Doing less so you feel in control of things.

The problem is, you usually succeed. That makes sense; you're smart.

The problem with the problem is, this pulling-back process does not produce the success that you want. It slows your success, because it kills your momentum.

Momentum is broken only by an outside force.

You pulling on the reins is that outside force. It breaks the inertia of momentum that would lead to your breakthrough – if only you’d allow the apparent chaos to continue a bit longer.

This is the good type of chaos, the kind that you need to create when you’re looking to shake things up and create major change.

Unfortunately, many of us are adverse to too much change happening at once. Even if it’s the change that we want.

You WANT to have too much happening at once.

You WANT it to feel a bit out of control.

You WANT to be slightly overloaded with all that’s on your plate.

Slow and steady does not win races.

Fast and Furious does.

There’s too much on your plate?

Good. Eat it.

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